Director’s Desk

Dear Students

I am thankful to you for viewing our website and giving us the chance to build the roots of your career. Welcome to the homely environment of DISHTEK, a perfect place to study where we care for you like home and teach you like the universe. DISHTEK is an Institute for those students who want to get on the highest of knowledge. Students completing syllabus is not the guarantee of clearing entrance, as covering syllabus not help in attempting paper in time. So, here we work individually on every student to boost his / her strong points & vanishes individual’s weaknesses. DISHTEK is taking the entrance coaching to highest levels. I have done MCA and M.Sc in Physics. It’s the best part of my life as I am crazy about IT and physics is the back bone of IT sector. Teaching is my childhood passion so i have decided to take it as my profession. So here in


I can say on behalf of our DISHTEK team , guarantee you the best quality teaching you ever have. I believe that diamond is stone until it wasn’t grinded & polished well.So, come & let your career to be polished. God Bless You.


Dheeraj Sood